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      " Confidence and personality are evident in one’s
           choice of hat.  Be noticed and be happy "

Maria Koruz, a native New Yorker, decided at an early age that making hats and clothes for her dolls and stuffed animals brought her great joy. Who wants to play with dolls when they have such a limited fashion wardrobe? Then her mother showed her how to use the 1945 Singer sewing machine that she still has and uses today.


 Wearing her own hat designs, especially during and after attending art school, her palette and ideas took on an even greater flair adding embellishments of the old and new, as well as combining vintage hats with the new modern hats. 


 Maria decided it was time to take on more concentrated courses at F.I.T. and also studied with numerous Millinery teachers  learning to work several techniques, styles and fabrics. Many teachers were from England, Australia and Ireland where hats have been a staple for years.  This was an excellent way to develop an eye for more techniques, styles and fabric choices.


 There is at least one hat that has the ability to enhance any head no matter of its shape or size. Choose the correct hat and your personality and attitude will come alive. Who doesn’t want to look and feel more confident and wonderful?

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